$165 per month

Basic Pottery Studio Memberships can access the studio during our open studio hours, and have full access to pottery wheels, studio and glazes.   With the cost of their membership, there is no limit, on the amount of work that a member can glaze and have fired .

The number of available Memberships are very limited.


Non- Member Fees


Firing without a  membership is  at a rate of .07 cents per cubic inch for bisque and for glaze firings.  There is 1 inch added to all dimensions on glaze firings. Minimum charge for firing is $20.  Payments are made in advance of firings.
Daily Passes

Daily Pass

With the daily pass you will get an incredible opportunity to try out our facility. Daily passed are available for $ 25 per pass during our regular studio hours. It is advised that the pass is purchase in advanced due to the limited quantity available.  To purchase a pass please call Ball Clay Studio and reserve you daily pass. A Daily pass was created to provide local and visiting artists, students, friends and family of our current members an opportunity to use our studio.   Firing and glazing will be available for an additional charge. Clays and tools will not be included but can be bought at our studio art store.

Please call 310.954.1454 or e-mail us for further information.

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