How To Make Seed Bombs

How To Make Seed Bombs

How To Make Seed Bombs

How To Make Seed Bombs

Learn how to make seed bombs and beautify those empty lots or un-kept city parcels in your neighborhood.   You’re probably wondering,  what do seed bombs and clay have in common.  The answer is everything.   Seed bombs are a mixture of soil, clay and seeds, used for bombing empty lots and hard to reach places in your city, with your favorite variety of plants or vegetables.

 When seed bombing, keep in mind that plants do need water, so be sure to place them where they will be watered by a rogue sprinkler or somewhere you will have accessibility, to maintain your garden.  Making seed bombs is easy and you need just a few things to get started.   Below is our step by step instructions, so you can learn how to make seed bombs with clay and start making your city beautiful.

 Materials you will need

  • Red water based clay

  • Your favorite Seeds

  • Potting soil or compost

  • English breakfast tea

  • Paper towels

  • Bucket

  • Water


1.  The first step is to brew a cup of tea for about four minutes and remove the tea bag.  The tea mixture will  help break down the seed coat, so the seeds will germinate easier and have a better chance of sprouting.

 2. Second you will need to soak the seeds overnight, in between paper towels,  saturated in your weak tea solution.  This should be done in the refrigerator to help them from growing any mold or bacteria, which can be harmful to your seeds.  Be sure to discard any seeds that float.

 3. Since you get to play with clay, this next step is the fun part.  In a bucket, mix your seeds with 5 parts red clay, 3 parts compost/soil and 1 part seeds.  Add enough water to make it the consistency of cookie dough.

 4. Mix and roll them into clay balls, then let them air dry.

 Once they are dry, you are ready to have fun making your city look beautiful.  Look for ugly areas in your city lacking vegetation and add a bit of color with a plant or a vegetable garden.  Happy seed bombing?

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